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Building Lasting Transportation Solutions

Safe and secure logistics transportation starts with a good relationship between logistics operators and their clients. All Over Freight Brokers, LLC is a brokerage company that makes sure your freight shipments are insured and delivered in a timely manner. We work with experienced carriers in need of hauling freight. Currently, we are seeking shippers and carriers for long-term contracts. We provide nationwide delivery, conduct thorough credit checks, offer factoring services, and all at reasonable rates. Request a quote online today.

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About Us

All Over Freight Brokers is focused on establishing long lasting relationships between brokers, carriers, and shippers by ensuring the transportation process runs efficiently through effective communication channels and reliability.

As brokers, we link shippers, (based on their individual needs) to reliable motor carriers willing to safely transport freight, for reasonable rates.


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Monday - Sunday, 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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